an application sample of SharePoint column/view permission

Several days ago, one friend of mine asked me how to set permissions to a column. He is the IT staff, and is required to set different permissions to different users. For instance, it is a typical scenario of the SharePoint. The company is a B2B type, the number of customer increases at a high rate. The management of contract is an important part of daily work of sales department. The detailed information of the company, such as the contract date, amount, price, and other privacy information are recorded in a SharePoint list. Some contracts contain sensitive information which is only accessible to limited people. For instance, the marketing department has the permission to view the contracts, while other departments such as R&D and support department cannot access to the contents of the contract. In a word, the item permission needs to be customized. But, with SharePoint 2007 the users are unable to set SharePoint item permissions. Then, what measures can be taken to solve this problem?

Actually, it is not so difficult a task. There is a third party SharePoint add-on which can customize column permissions: SharePoint column permission. SharePoint Column Permission is a great enhancement to SharePoint 2007 permission. SharePoint column permission allows users to define column permission as needed. For instance, in the above contract scenario, with SharePoint column permission, the IT staff can easily set different users with edit, view, or invisible permission. The marketing department can view all contents of the contract but without edit permission, and the SharePoint administrator can set column “view” permission to all the staff of the department as a member group. In the same way, the sales department can be set “edit” permission and other department with “invisible” permission. One SharePoint column, one user, one unique column permission, it is SharePoint column permission that successfully sets column permission.

SharePoint column permission is not limited to certain application; instead, it can be applied in various scenarios, such as staff information management, financial date management, and so on.

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