SharePoint Cascaded Lookup, freely build cascaded lookup relationship between sites

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup is a quite useful to perform cross-site lookup and filtered information from different lists of other sites.

In daily work, cascaded lookup is quite helpful to IT staff; however, SharePoint does not support this feature by default. SharePoint Cascaded Lookup is a powerful cascaded lookup tool. It not only allows users to lookup other lists in different sites, but also can easily filter field. Furthermore, SharePoint Cascaded Lookup provides two-way conversion to SharePoint default lookup type or SharePoint cross-site lookup type.

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup introduces Filter Column and Parent Column to filter field values to narrow the range of choices. As a result, users can lookup field values more quickly and accurately. Filter Column is in the same list with the looked-up column. If users set a column as Filter column for the looked-up column, when edit/create an item, the choice of the cascaded lookup column will be filtered according to the value of the Filter Column. Parent Column, which is also used to filter looked-up values, is in the same list with the Cascaded Lookup column. When users set a column as Parent Column of a cascaded lookup column, in the edit/new form of an item, the choices of Cascaded lookup column in dropdown list will be different according to the value of Parent Column.

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