SharePoint List Collection, smart tool to collect lists from different sites

SharePoint list collection is a SharePoint web part used to display items from different lists or sites. Meanwhile, the user can create different views as needed and edit items as in original lists or sites.

This list collection web part is developed by SharePointBoost. It greatly expands the default SharePoint list collection function, and adds some new features, such as enable users create different views and edit items in list collection view. It is indeed a great improvement on the function of list collection.

SharePoint list collection is a powerful web part for users to apply in practice. SharePoint list collection greatly expands the default function of SharePoint, thus makes it quite convenient for users to display items in one list. With SharePoint list collection, the user can consolidate various list items from different areas and web sites into a single grid view web part, and create public view or personal view for a SharePoint list collection to filter, sort or group information. Furthermore, the user can also create and manipulate items in SharePoint list collection as in default SharePoint list view. These three functions make SharePoint list collection the best choice for users.

SharePoint list collection can be widely applied by users from all kind of industries in practice. For instance, the accountant can view different items in financial statement by collecting them into one list, create different kinds of views as he/she is pleased to do, and avoid tedious operation to edit items in original lists or sites. SharePoint list collection can also be used by HR staff to view, edit information of different staffs in a list just as in original areas.

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